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David Beskar


David Beskar is a big proponent of developing a person’s mind and soul in order for them to succeed and be happy in any activity they choose in life. He has always sought to collaborate with groups that have a good social impact. He is proud of his reputation as a hardworking individual who is also adaptable enough to grow as an expert in a rapidly changing profession.

David began his career as an assistant software engineer at Triple Vision Inc. in Minneapolis, quickly rising through the ranks. I wrote computer software in the C programming language for use in larger projects. Each project was overseen by a team leader, who assigned me code parts to write.

David received his degrees in Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Saint Thomas, accompanied by a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, in addition to developing computers as a young man. His excellent mathematical and scientific abilities melded seamlessly with his natural computing abilities, yet academics were never on his mind.

David was a math and science teacher at Trinity School for six years. After that, I worked for two years at Central Catholic High School in Portland, OR, as a science and A.P. programming instructor. He was the school’s network administrator and help desk support technician at the same time, and he created and managed the school’s first computer network for administration, development, and the student body. Computers were added to classes, and the computer lab was renovated to provide internet connectivity and LAN capabilities.

At Trinity School at River Ridge in Eagan, Minnesota, he taught math, physics, and religion. David was the system administrator and technical professional here as well. He continued to take on additional academic duties, eventually rising to the position of Academic Dean. Following that, he was promoted to Associate Head of School. David’s responsibilities in this position included monitoring of the student body’s academic well-being. I worked with professors on curricular concerns as well as their teaching abilities. I worked with parents to address their concerns about the school and the services it provides to their children. David successfully founded two charter schools in the Greater Phoenix Area as the Headmaster of Great Hearts Academy, Archway Trivium and Trivium Prep Academies.

David spends his leisure time reading literature, working on construction projects, and using hobby farming to teach his kids about preservation and animal care. David also  likes watching historical documentaries. He and his family are big fans of the outdoors, and they aim to go camping and trekking as much as possible.

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