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You can’t manage your personal finances well if you’re not learning and growing your knowledge of modern economics. This is especially true if entrepreneurship interests you as a new career path. You can meet all of your needs for continued financial education without having to take formal courses. Here are a few economic-related podcasts that you can listen to in your free time.

Macro Musings

Operating out of George Mason University, Macro Musings is a discussion that’s moderated by host David Beckworth. In addition to discussing how macroeconomics is affected by current trends, the episodes also explore how macroeconomics evolved over the past. Topics also try to predict how inflation, labor availability, and other issues will affect the future.

More or Less: Behind the Stats

Anyone who watches the news knows that reports on everything from finance to crime rely on statistics to prove a case. Unfortunately, statistics can be manipulated to create deceptive arguments. In his podcast, Tim Harford takes a closer look at statistical reporting to get to the truth behind the numbers. If you’re looking for economic podcasts that dive a little deeper, this is a good show for you.

Your Money Briefing

Making economic issues personally relatable is the goal of Your Money Briefing. They take newsworthy items from The Wall Street Journal and similar sources and discuss how those issues relate to personal finance. The podcast will discuss investing, retirement planning, taxes, and more topics that the average listener will find informative in an easy-to-understand format.

Who Makes Cents

If the history of economics interests you, this podcast should make your list. Hosted by Jessica Ann Levy, the show brings in finance experts to discuss how politics, social change, and other trends have affected capitalism through the years. Ms. Levy took over the hosting duties of this show following the departure of former hosts Alex Beasley and David Stein.

As you begin listening to economic podcasts, look for podcasters that you really enjoy. They will have guests who may manage their own podcasts. This is one of the best ways to discover new voices who discuss the economic issues that are of special interest to you.